How to Post & Comment

This is an info page for those new to blogging, and to remove the instructions from the blog pages. If you still have questions, please contact the office.

A BLOG (noun) (short for “Weblog”) is often a website with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. To blog (verb) is to add content to such a website. The DBC website has blog pages but is not itself a blog, that is, you cannot post or comment on pages other than the YBlog or GBlog pages. A blog works only when there is regular content being added – so if  you want DBC’s blogs to work, YOU need to contribute – by writing a Post or Commenting on someone else’s!

POSTS are  entries that display in reverse chronological order (the latest at the top) and are not the same as static Pages which basically stay the same. Post pages are dynamically updated as often as a new post is added. COMMENTS  are fields at the bottom of posts which allow brief responses to posts.

NOTE: You need to be registered and logged in to POST or COMMENT:

  • Click on ‘Register’ in the left hand menu
  • Choose a username and enter your email address, then submit
  • You’ll immediately receive an email with your password (and username in case you already forgot it!)
  • Now use the ‘Log in’ link in the left hand menu, copying and pasting that password you just received.
  • You’ll see you are in the Dashboard but WAIT – DON’T START  JUST YET!
  • First you need to change that password you won’t remember
  • Click on ‘Profile’ in the menu on the left, scroll to the bottom of the page, and choose your own password.
  • Don’t forget to ‘Update Profile’ so that next time you can log in with your chosen password.
  • Test it to be sure – logout and then back in, using that password.
  • Didn’t work? Repeat from Step 4 and test again.

Ok – now you are ready to POST or COMMENT!

  • Go to “Posts” or “Comments” in the left hand menu
  • Click on “Add New” to write a new post or comment.
  • Click on “Edit” if you wish to edit a previous post or comment.”
  • A new editor window opens up there’s a choice of 2 modes.
  • Use Visual view if you aren’t into coding, HTML view if you are.
  • “Preview” or “Preview Changes”in the right hand menu – Preview before you publish!
  • Happy? OK now you can click on “Submit for Review”.
  • You are done. You can now logout, far right hand side of the top black box.
  • All posts and comments will be moderated, so keep watching for yours to appear!
  • Have fun blogging on the DBC YBlog or GBlog4Adults!