Levi group

the Levi Group is a 10-week discipleship intenstive for up to 6 people. The name for the program comes for Jesus’s callig of Levi. Levi is at his both and Jesus says ‘follow me’ So Levi got up and went…all in…100%. That’s the kind of discipleship we want to explore.

The program is open to anyone from any age or stage of the spiritual journey. The course is a high commitment high load program – that’s why we called it an intensive – but it only lasts for 10 weeks. We are hopeing to make the course free but there may be some small costs along the way. Here are some of the things you could expect during the Levi intensive.


  • Daily journal (on the spiritual journey and being sent)                    
  • Learning Jesus through daily reading                                       
  • Daily office (3x1min prayers throughout each day)                 
  • Weekly scantuary                                                                      
  • Weekly lecture / podcast                                                          
  • Weekly group exercise                                                           
  • Weekly service                                                               
  • Weekly meal together                                                             
  • Fortnightly group check ins.                                       
  • Sabbath keeping                                                                      
  • “Who am i / whats my shape” type thing with Ben Pangas    
  • Reflection weekend retreat at the end.