Sam Jordan

Sam part of our cities amazing school chaplaincy team. As a community pastor and school chaplain, Sam has a pastoral connection with over 1400 people every week. 

About Sam

I love being a chaplain, because I get to spend time being present with people. I like to spend time getting to know as many people as possible so that if they want I can be a support to them should the need arise. I spend a lot of time having fun with students and joking around, but other times they talk to me about the challenges they face. Sometimes I do building projects or gardening with the students which is a great way to develop those skills and our relationship. I love to catch up with the amazing staff and encourage them as they serve the students. It is great to meet parents and create supportive relationships since parenting is such a privilege but certainly not easy.

I have been married for six years and has an adult foster child, a child and another baby on the way.

I enjoy playing futsal.

I once made the mistake of trying to win $20 in a dare to eat a whole bowl of pork crackling.

I may become a cowboy one day if he can be bothered getting off the couch.

You can find out more about Sam and the work of Devonport Chaplaincy and local mentoring programs here: