Pulse Groups

Pulse: keeping track of the heart beat of God

It’s easy to drift along on the spiritual journey, doing things the usual way, going to the usual things, operating in cruise mode.

Before you know it, you’ve been travelling along almost on auto-pilot…and then you catch yourself thinking:  How did I get here? What am I doing with my life?  Where is God in all of this?

Or maybe things are going great for you, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone who’s interested in what God has been doing in your life, or the ways you notice the Spirit at work around you… and you begin to wonder:

            Am I the only one who thinks like this?

            Is anyone out there seeing what I’m seeing?

            How do I know that what I’m tuning into is God?

If you are feeling like this, asking these questions, or just wondering how to make your journey with Jesus more real, PULSE is for you.


Pulse starts with a group of three people, meeting regularly to check how they’re travelling with God. It’s a bit like the obs the nurse does when you’re in hospital… temperature & pulse, are you in any pain? These questions help a nurse see if anything is happening that might slow down your recovery.

Pulse groups check in with each other to share how each person is going on the journey with Jesus. By sharing and listening to each other, and to God together, you become aware of the areas where you are on the track of transformation, and the areas where you are getting pulled off-track.

Pulse is about being transparent, accountable and supportive of each other.


· First: find your Pulse companions. You can sort this out yourself, or contact the church office and we will place you in a group.

· Then: decide when and where you are going to meet (weekly, fortnightly, monthly is ok—but the more regularly you meet, the deeper the journey will become) and how long you will spend together.

· Finally: follow the steps that make up the Pulse framework. They’re simple and flexible and you can experiment until you find a rhythm that works for your group.

How to PULSE?

· Slow Down: Give God the first word by taking 5 mins to focus on God e.g. listen to some worship music, have someone pick a short bible reading to share with the group and then spend a few moments quietly reflecting on it

· Connect:    take time to check in with how you are feeling. What are you struggling with? What are you celebrating? Be honest. It’s important that Pulse is a safe place, so be clear about confidentiality, be careful about judging or giving advice. Make sure that everyone has a chance to share what is happening in their life. Be thoughtful when you speak or respond to others in the group.

· Listen: The most important thing is to LISTEN to each other. And listen to God in your Pulse companions. What is God saying to you as you listen to your Pulse companions? Consider if it is something to say to the group.

· Pray: Ask the question, “What can we pray for you today?” Be specific. Don’t be afraid to say “can we pray for you about…?” And be willing to ask for prayer. Then PRAY together! Talk to God about your own needs, and those in the group.