Social Justice

In Gods kingdom there is no famine, there are no refugees, peace reigns and all of creation is healthy. One day this will be realised in full, but until then we at LifeWay work to be agents of reconciliation and hope. We do this in a number of ways. 


The catalyst program is an initiative of  Baptist World Aid and helps us to be informed and active advocates for justice. For over 16 years, Catalyst has been a valued and significant ministry of Baptist World Aid and the broader Baptist movement.

With the help of our Coalition Partners (including Micah Australia, Be Slavery Free, and A Just Cause) our Catalyst program has:

  • seen billions more given in aid,
  • the implementation of legislation to tackle slavery,
  • and dramatic changes in the supply chain practices of major brands improving the lives of factory workers across the world.


Love in a Cup Cafe

Our “Love in a Cup” cafe operates each Sunday after our worship service. All proceeds raised from coffee sales is used to fund clean water projects around the world. Over the years we have raised thousands of dollars and dug over 30 wells.